Photoinitiator is one of the important materials of photoresist

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Photoinitiator is a solid powder that is the raw material for the production of photoresist (photocuring material). Photoresist is a mixture of liquid sensitive to light. Its components include: photoinitiator (including photosensitizer, photoacid producing agent), photoresist resin, monomer, solvent and other additives. Photoresist can transfer the required fine graphics from the mask to the substrate to be processed through photochemical reaction, exposure, development and other lithographic processes. Depending on usage scenarios, the substrate to be machined here can be integrated circuit material, display panel material or printed circuit board.


Photoresist chemicals mainly include printed circuit board (PCB) photoresist chemicals (photoinitiator and resin), liquid crystal display (LCD) photoresist photoinitiator, semiconductor photoresist photoinitiator and other uses of photoinitiator.

In semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing industry, the mainly used products are g line photoresist, i line photoresist, KrF line photoresist and Arf line photoresist etc.


In the manufacturing process of large-scale integrated circuits, the silicon wafer is typically lithographed more than ten times. In each photolithography and etching process, the photoresist must be pre-baked, coated, pre-baked, aligned, exposed, post-baked, developed and etched, etc., to transfer the image on the mask (mask) to the silicon chip.

Photoresist is an important material in integrated circuit manufacturing. The quality and performance of photoresist are the key factors that affect the performance, yield and reliability of integrated circuits. The photolithography process costs about 35% of the entire chip manufacturing process and takes about 40-50% of the time of the entire chip manufacturing process. Photoresist materials account for about 4% of the total cost of IC manufacturing materials, the market is huge. Therefore, photoresist is the core material of semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing.