Outstanding environmental performance, photocured photoinitiator is thriving

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Light curing industry is another battlefield of domestic light curing. Compared with photoresist, photoinitiator is much more popular in the field of photocuring.


Photocuring technology is a new green technology, which refers to the process of crosslinking liquid oligomers (including monomers) to form solid products under the action of light (ULTRAVIOLET or visible light).

Readers who are not familiar with chemistry need not delve deeper into this principle, as long as they know that photoreactants are an important ingredient in photocurable products and that the photocurable production process does not require volatile solvents.

Typical applications of light curing technology are coatings and inks.

Traditional inks and coatings produce a large number of volatile solvents in the production process, which will pollute the environment. In the domestic environment of environmental policy tightening, the advantage of light curing production ink and coating is very obvious.


UV ink is used for printing, children's toys, food packaging, medical supplies packaging, daily chemical packaging, commercial bills, electronic labels, etc. Because of the wide range of uses, and environmental performance, UV ink market demand is rising.

And the application scope of UV coating has been expanding, covering wood floor coating, PVC buckle plate coating, with plastic base material - based curing motorcycle coating, home appliance coating, CD coating.

In addition to coatings and inks, the application field of photocuring has not seen the boundary, 3D stereoscopic dentistry, microelectronics, optical films and other emerging industries are the target application field of photocuring.

The market demand for photocuring products drives the growth of photoinitiator production. The application field of photocurable products is still expanding, and the market potential of photocurable photoinitiators is self-evident.

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