Three barriers to photoinitiator industry

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In China, the photoinitiator production enterprises from the initial hundreds, after more than ten years of full market competition, the centralized trend is increasingly obvious. In the future, with the gradual strict requirements on environmental protection of chemical enterprises in China and the development of downstream application fields to higher precision and cutting-edge, the possibility of further concentration of domestic industry is not ruled out.


Technical barriers

Photoinitiator industry and production of sulfhydryl fine chemicals is a comprehensive field combining organic synthesis, chemical technology, chemical engineering and many other disciplines. The photoinitiator industry is a typical technology-intensive industry with a variety of products and complex synthesis process, which has high requirements for separation and purification, analysis and testing, storage and transportation, safe production and waste treatment capacity, and strong product specificity. Therefore, it must have good technical exchanges and communication with end customers.

Photoinitiator requires high purity, light transmittance, low mechanical impurity and metal ion content. The stability of product quality is very important for the production and application in the downstream microelectronics industry, circuit board processing, UV coatings, UV inks and other fields. Sulfhydryl compounds are mostly used in fine chemicals such as medicine, pesticide and new materials. They have strict requirements on purity, impurity type and content, appearance and so on, and need to have high process development ability, production stability and quality management ability.


Production experience barrier

In addition to relying on technology and process flow, the production of fine chemical industry requires high production experience of front-line workers and technicians, for example, the production of sulfhydryl fine chemicals requires very strict odor control.

Quality barrier

As the end users of photoinitiators and sulfhydryl fine chemicals are mostly in electronics, medicine, pesticides and other industries, they have strict requirements on product purity, impurity content and product quality stability. Although photoinitiator products are not high in the total cost of downstream products, they play a key role in the quality of related final products.

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