Relationship between aromatic ketone, photoinitiator and photocuring technology

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Fine chemical industry is the pillar industry of national economy and an important industry related to national economy and people's livelihood. The aromatic ketone industry belongs to the subdivision field of fine chemical industry, which is an important guarantee for the development of related industries. At the same time, the downstream industry has a great traction and driving effect on the future development of aromatic ketone industry, and its demand changes directly determine the future development of aromatic ketone enterprises in the industry. Aromatic ketones are mainly the core raw materials of special engineering plastics, photoinitiator and cosmetic raw materials, covering special engineering plastics, photocuring materials, cosmetics and other key industries of national economy. With the continuous encouragement and support of national industrial policies, as well as the maturity of downstream application technology, the market space of special engineering plastics core raw materials, photoinitiator and cosmetics raw materials will continue to grow.


Driven by the macro industrial policies, the upgrading of manufacturing industry and the improvement of its own technology, the photocurable materials industry, including the production of photoinitiator, is expected to achieve rapid development.

National environmental protection policy, the environmental protection requirements of coatings, ink and other products continue to improve, put forward a clear plan for the use of environmentally friendly coatings, ink, will effectively promote the market space growth of related products including photoinitiator; UV curing technology, UV light curing technology, in particular, as a kind of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, wide applicability of the material handling and processing technology, can match all kinds of production process, deal with all kinds of product demand, to realize low energy, high efficiency of large-scale automated production, and then replace the traditional solvent-based coatings, printing ink, adhesive, such as material, more can be applied to future intelligent manufacturing field; New technologies and products in the field of UV light curing, such as UVLED and water-based UV light curing formula products, are gradually maturing, which will help to expand product application scenarios and further expand the market space of light curing materials in coatings, inks, communications, consumer electronics and aerospace and military industries. At the same time, the photoinitiator generally needs to be mixed before it can be applied to the photocuring technology, which puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturer's series product development and production technology. The manufacturer with a variety of product production capacity can give full play to the scale advantage and continuously enhance the cooperation with downstream traders and end customers.