Look at the the development of photoinitiator in China

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Photoinitiators can be divided into radical photoinitiators and cationic photoinitiators due to different active intermediates. Free radical photoinitiators can be divided into two types: pyrolysis photoinitiators and hydrogen snatching photoinitiators due to the different mechanism of generating free radicals. At present, the photocuring technology is mainly UV curing, and the photoinitiator used is UV initiator.


Visible photoinitiators are limited in production and use due to their sensitivity to sunlight and ordinary lighting sources, and are only used in a few fields such as dentistry and printing plate making. The development and production of photoinitiators in China began in the 1970s, when the main varieties were benzoin ether photoinitiators, and the industrial production began in the middle of 1990s, and entered the stage of rapid development.

Since 2000, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of photoinitiators, ranking first in production and export of photoinitiators. 


With the development of photocuring technology, the application of photocuring products is expanding, and the development and production of photoinitiators have also made great progress. It is mainly developed towards the direction of low odor, low migration, good solubility and high initiation efficiency. Therefore, new photoinitiators such as macromolecule photoinitiators, macromolecule co-initiators, polymerizable photoinitiators and free radical cationic hybrid photoinitiators have emerged.

Therefore, we do not use photoinitiator to pursue imported sources, choose the right way ~