Photoinitiator were detected in reusable plastic bottles

Release Time: 2022-02-25 Collection | Return

Nowadays, there are a wide range of plastic bottled drinks on the market with exquisite packaging and various flavors, which are deeply loved by the majority of consumers. But for those who prefer to make their own sugar-free healthy drinks, there is, or has been, at least one reusable plastic bottle in the house.

In the course of using the bottle, you must have experienced a strange and unpleasant smell when you opened the cap after a long time or the ambient temperature was high. And no matter how well you rinse, the next time the foul smell is still coming.


Most of the compounds that migrate out of used plastic bottles are plasticizers, antioxidants, and photoinitiators, the researchers found. Photoinitiators, in particular, worry researchers. These substances are known to have potentially harmful effects on human health and may have endocrine disrupting effects. Photoinitiator is an indispensable product in the formulation of photocuring products, but the commonly used photoinitiator is usually a small molecule product, and its decomposition products are not environmentally friendly, causing harm to human experience.

After extra rinsing, the water in the new bottles contained nearly 500 different substances. More than 100 of these substances come from the plastic itself.

The researchers stressed that they have not yet reached a conclusion about whether the water in the bottle is a health hazard, as they currently only have an estimate of the concentration of the substance and toxicological assessments have not yet been completed.