Ink photoinitiator will affect the curing degree of glass ink

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Due to various reasons, glass ink will appear incomplete curing. Which factors affect the curing degree of glass ink?副本.jpg

Variety and color of raw materials

Some product varieties have a special ability to absorb ultraviolet light. In addition, the same variety of raw materials will also be due to different grades of its curing development and some differences.

Color of ink

Pigment that can absorb ultraviolet rays in particular, its curing speed will slow down. Therefore, there is a certain time limit for the concentration of glass curing ink concealment. Double attention should be paid to the combination of high concentration white and dark colors (black, blue, other).副本.jpg

Light curing initiator

The addition of photocuring initiator is an effective method to improve the curing performance. However, too much photocuring initiator can hinder curing. In addition, after the lighting odor residue, please pay attention to comply with the specified amount of adding (adding amount less than 4%).

Thickness of printed glass

The thinner the printed glass, the better the curing. In 10~12um glass thickness, general color ink can achieve rich curing function. If the thickness of the glass exceeds 15um, there will be poor curing resulting in poor adhesion. If the ink photoinitiator has not reacted, it is oxidized by ozone. Then how to repeatedly shine, glass ink will not dry.

In addition, ultraviolet intensity and cumulative brightness, shining temperature will also affect the degree of curing glass ink.