Photoinitiator, the core of photocuring 3D printing

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According to the different uses of UV light curing formula products, UV light curing formula products are generally divided into UV light curing coatings, UV light curing inks, UV light curing adhesives and so on. The light curing materials (UV coating, UV ink, UV adhesive, etc.) are widely used in PCB, microelectronics processing, paper making, household appliances, wood processing, home decoration, automobile, printing, machinery, 3D printing, sports industry, biomedicine, optical fiber communication and other industries.


With the increasing number of special people, hearing AIDS have become indispensable tools in their daily life. With the continuous development of 3D printing technology in recent years, hearing AIDS have become one of the most customized 3D printing products. The particularity of human ear structure also determines the difference of hearing aid shape. The application of UV glue in 3D printing also makes the production and manufacture of hearing AIDS faster and more convenient. Shadowless adhesive curing is the UV curing material in the photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) under ultraviolet radiation absorption UV light after the production of active free radicals or cations, triggering monomer polymerization, cross-linking chemical reaction, so that the adhesive from liquid to solid in a few seconds. Thus UV glue curing time is very short so that you can print while curing in 3D printing. The application of UV glue has benefited a lot of people at the same time also achieved a lot of people.


Photoinitiators are mainly used in photocuring materials. Through the selection, composition ratio and mixing of four categories of UV monomers, UV resins, photoinitiators and additives, UV light curing formula products can meet the requirements of various substrates, various coatings/printing processes, environmental conditions and different coating properties.