New functional additive for UV light curing coatings

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UV (Ultraviolet light) curing coating refers to the use of UV radiation curing coating. Traditional coating curing is usually through physical drying method, UV curing is the use of UV light energy trigger coating reaction, through the formation of chemical bonds to achieve chemical drying.

It is a kind of environmental protection coating based on irradiation curing technology, which can be quickly crosslinked to form a coating film under UV irradiation. Compared with traditional resin, it has the characteristics of fast curing speed, less VOC emission, low curing temperature, environmental protection and energy saving, and excellent coating performance.


UV light curable coatings were first developed and commercialized by Bayer In Germany in 1968. Subsequently, the United States developed UV light curable coatings based on acrylic esters, which caused widespread concern. At present, UV light curing coatings have shown good application effects in wood, conductive materials, medical equipment, beverage/food packaging and electronic product components packaging and shell coating.

In recent years, with the rapid growth of consumer electronic products, UV coatings put forward new requirements, such as fingerprint resistance, smoothness and waterproof and antifouling. In the use of smart phones, tablets, optical lenses, monitors and other products, fingers are easy to be contaminated by grease, sweat, drinks and other stains on the surface of the shell, which is difficult to remove and affect the appearance. The shell of electronic products has often been formed by UV light curing coating on the surface of hard coating, to improve the pollution resistance of the shell of electronic products, anti-fouling additives can be added in the UV light curing coating.

In recent years, with the development of new initiators, active diluents and functional additives, UV light curable coatings have been applied to automotive, communications, consumer electronics 3C and other fields.

UV coating with its efficient environmental performance market development potential is infinite, the application of the field of continuous extension at the same time, its performance will also put forward higher requirements, as UV coating anti-fingerprint additive UV coating stain resistance and configuration will still be the main direction of research in the future.