Toxicity of photoinitiator

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Some photoinitiators have certain toxicity, not only irritation and contact toxicity to skin, but also reproductive, genetic and carcinogenic effects. However, due to the variety of photoinitiators, there is still a lack of comprehensive and sufficient experimental data on their toxicology.


BP and ITX are the two most widely used photoinitiators, and the toxicological studies reported in recent years mainly focus on these two compounds.

Studies have shown that BP has carcinogenicity, skin allergy or exposure toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and estrogen receptor reaction leading to hypospadias. Prolonged exposure of cells to low levels of ITX can cause cell membranes to break down, eventually leading to the loss of certain cell functions.

It can be seen that although toxicological data about photoinitiators are still scarce, their potential harmfulness has been paid more and more attention, and it is of great importance and urgency to make use of laws and standards to limit the use of photoinitiators.