What are the characteristics of the UV curing light?

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Advantages of light curing UV paint: one of the current environmental paint varieties; High solid content; Good hardness, high transparency; Excellent yellow resistance; Long activation period; High efficiency, low coating cost (normally half of the cost of conventional coating, tens of times of the efficiency of conventional coating).


UV light curing is also called light triggered coating, light curable coating, it is automatic roller coating through machinery and equipment, drenching coated to the furniture board surface, under the irradiation of UV light to promote the decomposition of the initiator, free radicals, triggering resin reaction, instant curing into UV paint film.

But UV paint also has some small defects, when the coating film by humidity into dry film, the shrinkage rate is relatively large, the internal stress is relatively large, so the coating is attached to a little worse. The hardness of UV paint is much stronger than other paints, usually the harder the film, the more brittle and less wear-resistant, the film is also prone to cracking. When the hardness of the coating film exceeds the requirements, with the floor's thermal expansion and contraction, the change of the surface paint film will also be due to the lack of elasticity and can not lead to deformation with the floor of the trace deformation, so the floor will appear cracks.


So when we are in the use of UV light curing such a kind of environmentally friendly paint products, we know that such a kind of environmental protection paint in use are more environmentally friendly, but in the use of some performance has always been like this, so we think actually UV lacquer can have more convenient the use of performance, In this way, when we use it, we can bring better use effect.