New materials and new printing processes enable personalized packaging

Release Time: 2022-06-01 Collection | Return

At present, the demand for green ecology and resource reuse is overwhelming in all walks of life around the world. It is the mission of packaging and printing enterprises to use new environment-friendly materials. The development and application of innovative materials enrich the packaging form and show the new performance of packaging.


In the selection of materials, the following issues should generally be noted:

1.On-demand selection: according to customer needs, try to choose materials with personalized forms of expression;

2.Energy conservation: pay attention to the reuse of materials;

3.Cost reduction: reduce material waste caused by design defects;

4.Environmental protection: pay attention to the biodegradability of materials.

For example, holographic transfer materials with higher environmental protection are gradually replacing composite holographic materials, which have been widely used in product packaging at home and abroad. This makes packaging not only pursue beauty but also reduce the negative impact on environment.


New printing process design

flexo printing, gravure printing, letterpress printing and screen printing, and consider the application of a combination printing platform integrating printing and post-printing processes to realize the diversified application of equipment and processes, which can set up effective technical barriers for competitors.

For example: the use of new gravure printing line transfer laser production line, the use of aluminum plating, washing positioning hollowing, transfer and other processes produced by the transfer paper, instead of the traditional first hot after printing process, in effect, efficiency and economic performance are outstanding; Flexo printing line gravure printing, screen printing, hot stamping, embossing, die cutting can also obtain exquisite packaging effect and help enterprises improve production efficiency.

High efficiency photoinitiator used in UV curing system can make it not yellowing for a long time and prolong storage. An initiator specially designed for uv curable coatings, inks and adhesives that contain pigment and can be used in conjunction with 18Chemicalbook4, ITX and other initiators. Can be used in non-ferrous ink systems, paper/metal and plastic glazing oil and electronic ink. Can also be used as ultraviolet absorbent cosmetics and other industries. The recommended amount is 2-6%.