Three kinds of photocuring 3D printers and their technology comparison

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Photocurable 3D printers are still popular today, after all, their applications are also very close to our daily life, such as handmade products, jewelry, dental molds and so on, we can see them in our daily life. There are three kinds of common photocurable 3D printers, namely SLA, DLP and LCD photocurable 3D printers.


SLA light curing 3D printer

ultraviolet light as a light source, and then through the vibration mirror system to control it, so that it first draws the shape of the object on the surface of the liquid resin, and then the object falls down a distance, and then the platform is immersed in the liquid resin, and so on repeatedly, constitute a solid printing.

DLP photocuring 3D printer

The basic principle of DLP molding, the model is first cut horizontally into layers with 3D printing software, and then the resin of the first layer of model shape projection, and then light curing molding, the first layer of molding, will slightly increase the object, to the resin projection of the next layer of model shape, so repeat, layered printing model.

LCD photocuring 3D printer

In fact, the principle of LCD is basically similar to that of DLP, but the difference is that THE light source of DLP is replaced by LCD. Using the LCD LCD panel imaging principle, the use of red, green, blue filter three primary colors, filter out the LCD panel has a certain damage to the infrared and ultraviolet light (certain damage to the LCD panel), three LCD panel projection into three primary colors.

A comparison of three molding techniques

Molding speed: DLP>LCD>SLA

Printing accuracy: DLP>SLA>LCD>FDM

Print size range: SLA>DLP>LCD

Scope of materials: (DLP≈LCD)>SLA

Service life of main components: DLP≈SLA>LCD

Price of machine: SLA>DLP>LCD

Price of consumables:SLA≈DLP≈LCD

By comparison, the situation is also clear. Later choose to buy photocuring 3D printer, I believe you also know how to choose.