Characteristics and use of UV ink

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UV ink is a rapid development of environmental protection ink in recent years. It is used in letterpress, flexo, gravure, screen printing, pad printing and other printing methods. It is under the irradiation of UV light, cross-linking polymerization reaction, instant curing film forming ink, mainly composed of photopolymerization prepolymer, photosensitive monomer, photopolymerization initiator, organic pigments and additives.


Characteristics of UV ink:

1. Instant curing, high production efficiency;

2. No volatile solvent, no odor;

3. No solvent erosion damage printing, pollution of human body and environment;

4. Ink will not plug the net, so use a very fine net, print the best quality lines;

5. Ink concentration stability, not due to the different concentration caused by too thick or too light, uneven phenomenon;

6. The speed of light curing is very fast, the volume of UV equipment is small, and the space of the plant is less;

7. Good hardening speed and color effect.


With its fast drying speed, stable performance, no solvent emissions and other characteristics in the printing industry, UV ink has achieved an indispensable position, not only can be used for all kinds of paper printing, but also can be used in aluminum foil, plastic and other non-absorbent substrate.