What are the advantages of UV coating?

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Chinese wood coating is now difficult, handing in and out of the trapped, difficulties, coating factory, furniture factory are facing never encountered difficulties. Our technology has also changed constantly in these decades, from nitro, unsaturated, PU, PE, to water, UV, their proportion in the industry is also changing.

After 30 or 40 years of development and evolution, UV, water-based and powder coatings are becoming synonymous with environmental protection wood coatings, leading the process of environmental protection of Wood coatings in China. From the current development situation, UV wood coating has obviously run in front, achieved good development results.

Relevant data shows, in each big furniture coating enterprise, the average proportion of UV has exceeded 20%, the enterprise with a little less also exceeded 10%, more than the enterprise is accounted for 60% to 100%.


The advantages of UV coating are mainly reflected in the following five aspects:

1.Does not contain any volatiles, is the real green environmental protection products

UV paint is different from the PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used by ordinary furniture enterprises. It is a real green and environmentally friendly paint, without any volatile substances. The products produced on the UV coating production line are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.

2.High hardness, scratch resistance

UV paint film is three-dimensional structure, hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, so born in UV coating production line of scratch resistance, friction resistance, withstand the test of time.

3.Mechanized construction, stable quality

UV coating on the mechanized equipment, overcome the human factors in the manual operation, so that the product color difference is small, stable quality.

4.High construction efficiency, saving labor cost

UV coating adopts UV curing, dry in seconds, high construction efficiency, automatic painting also greatly saves labor costs.

5.Decompose the harmful substances in the plate properly

In the process of painting, UV coating will decompose the harmful substances in the plate, and through ultraviolet light curing machine drying treatment, the product is more healthy and environmental protection, will not cause harm to our human body.