Application field of N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride

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N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride is an important organic chemical reagent used in the synthesis and functionalization of organic compounds. It has a variety of applications, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and polymers.


First, let's look at the chemistry of N, n-Diocarbamoyl chloride. Its molecular formula is C3H6ClNOS and its molecular weight is about 131.6 g/mol. Its structural formula is (CH3)2NCS(O)Cl, and it can be seen that it is composed of dimethylamine, thioformyl chloride and hydrogen chloride. N, N-DiMethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride is a colorless to yellowish liquid with a pungent odor. It has strong electrophilicity and is easy to react with nucleophiles.

As for the synthesis of N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride, there are two commonly used approaches. One method is to produce the product by reacting thioformyl chloride with dimethylamine. The reaction is generally carried out at low temperatures, and the reaction rate can be controlled by adding solvents. Another method is to react dimethylamine with phosphoryl chloride to obtain an intermediate product and then react with sulfuryl chloride to produce N, n-Dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride. Both methods can obtain N, N-Dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride products that meet the industrial requirements.

In the field of pharmacy,N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride is an important intermediate in the synthesis of many drugs. It can be used to synthesize drug molecules containing amino, thioether or thioacyl groups. For example,N, n-Diocarbamoyl chloride can react with amino acids or amino acid esters to form an active drug molecule. In addition,N, n-Diocarbamoyl chloride can be used in the synthesis of phenytoin, a class of drugs widely used in the treatment of neurological disorders.

In addition to its application in the field of medicine,N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride is also widely used in the field of pesticides. It can be used as an active ingredient in pesticides and has the effect of inhibiting the growth of pests and weeds. Through structural improvement, more efficient and less toxic pesticide products can be synthesized. N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride is also used in the field of synthetic dyes and can be used as an important reagent for the synthesis of various organic dyes.

In the field of polymers,N, n-Dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride also plays an important role. It can be used as a monomer to participate in polymerization reactions and synthesize various functional polymers. These polymers can be used in a wide range of applications, including electronic materials, coatings and functional membranes.

During the use of N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride, some safety precautions should be taken. First, wear protective gloves and glasses during operation to avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Secondly, the operation should be carried out in a well-ventilated place to prevent the inhalation of steam. In addition, contact with substances such as oxidants should be avoided to avoid dangerous reactions.

In summary, as an important organic chemical reagent,N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride has a wide application prospect in medicine, pesticides, dyes and polymers.

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