N,N-dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride plays an important role

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N,N-dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride is an important chemical synthesis material with the formula (CH3)2N-S-CO-Cl, also known as DMTSC. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor at room temperature. DMTSC is widely used in the fields of organic synthesis reaction, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pesticide research and development, etc.


One of the main uses of DMTSC is as an important reagent in organic synthesis reactions. In the process, it can undergo nucleophilic substitution reaction, amine carboxylation reaction, acylation reaction, etc., and can be used as catalyst for organic synthesis. Due to the high reactivity of N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride and its ability to react with many organic compounds, methyl thiocarbamoyl chloride is widely used.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, N,N-dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride also plays an important role. As a functional reagent, it is widely used in different stages of drug synthesis. The special structure of DMTSC can react with other molecular parts of the drug, enabling the synthesis of the target molecule. It can introduce thioketone groups, amide groups, etc., which provides abundant possibilities for the modification of drug molecules.

Pesticide development is also an important application area of N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride. As a highly efficient chemical agent, DMTSC can be used to develop the synthesis of new pesticides. It can introduce different functional groups into the target molecule, thus giving the pesticide special properties and activity. The application of DMTSC makes the synthesis of pesticides more diversified and improves the agricultural efficiency of agricultural products.

In addition to the above applications, N,N-dimethyl thiocarbamoyl chloride can also play an important role in the rubber industry. It can be used as a crosslinking agent of rubber to form a crosslinking structure with the double bonds in rubber through reaction to improve the strength and wear resistance of rubber. DMTSC can also be used for chlorination and esterification of rubber, which expands the application range of rubber.

The preparation of N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride is varied, and one of the commonly used methods is the reaction of dimethylamine and sulfuryl chloride. The method is simple and feasible, and the product purity is high, so it is widely used.

In conclusion,N, N-Diocarbamoyl chloride is a kind of chemical synthesis material with wide application prospect. It plays an important role in the fields of organic synthesis, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pesticide research and development and rubber industry. Its diverse applications make DMTSC an indispensable reagent in many fields.

Dimethylthiocarbamoyl chloride was used in chemoselective deoxygenation of pyridine-N-oxides. It was used in the synthesis of (±)-thia-calanolide A. It was used as starting reagent in the synthesis of dimethylthiocarbamates.

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