UV paint, let you paint more durable and radiant

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Top paint is an important part of cars, furniture, wood products and other products. According to statistics, the global annual consumption of face paint more than 2 million tons. In order to meet market demand, manufacturers continue to introduce new, among them, UV paint is a high-profile one in recent years.

What is UV paint? UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet (Ultraviolet), UV paint is a kind of paint, applied on the surface to form a transparent film, under ultraviolet irradiation can cure quickly, forming a high hardness, high wear resistance, high gloss coating. UV paint has many advantages such as small amount, non-volatilization, no organic solvent, fast curing, and no volatile exhaust gas. Therefore, UV paint has been widely used in top paint, digital printing, acrylic products, optical devices, cosmetic packaging and other industries.

So, why is UV paint so popular in the topcoat industry?


Fast reaction speed: The biggest feature of UV paint is its ability to cure quickly. Under certain conditions, only a few seconds of ultraviolet irradiation time can complete the coating and hardening. As a result, production can be quickly automated, saving time and labor costs.

High wear resistance: The hardness of UV paint is higher than that of conventional paint, and it has excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance, which can effectively prevent damage caused by body scratches and impact. And UV paint has good pollution resistance and chemical resistance, easy to clean and maintain, can maintain a long-term aesthetic effect.

Environmental protection and health: Because UV paint does not need to add volatile organic compounds, the environmental pollution of UV paint is minimal, in line with the concept of green environmental protection. At the same time, UV paint has no odor, acid and alkali resistance, natural light, bright color and other characteristics have also attracted the love of many consumers.

Widely used: UV paint is suitable for a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, etc., can effectively improve the surface quality and increase the added value of products. UV paint has a wide range of applications in automotive, furniture, toys, electronic equipment, packaging products and other fields, among which, the application in the automotive finish industry is quite extensive.

The application of UV paint not only improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, but also makes the top paint more beautiful and durable, environmental protection and health, which has been favored by many industries and consumers. With the continuous advancement of technology and the reduction of costs, UV paint will be applied in a wider range of fields.

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