Characteristics of UV coatings and 2-Propenoic acid,4-benzoylphenyl ester

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UV coating is the main substitute of traditional coating. Compared with the general solvent based coating, the characteristics of UV coating are as follows:

Fast curing speed

Under the irradiation of ultraviolet photons, curing (UV lamp) coating usually only takes about 1 second or less time, can carry out rapid continuous operation, greatly improving production efficiency.

Room temperature curing

Oligomer is commonly used in coatings, such as epoxy acrylates and urethane acrylates, polyester, acrylic ester, polyether acrylate, acrylic ester polyacrylic acid resin and unsaturated polyester resin, as well as a variety of single functional groups or more functional groups of acrylate monomer, can be in under the action of ultraviolet photons by room temperature polymerization by free radicals and crosslinking, It is therefore particularly useful for the finishing of heat-sensitive substrates such as wood, paper and plastics.

Energy saving

The coating does not need to be heated and dried, so it can save 75% ~ 90% energy compared with conventional hot and dry coating during construction.

Save floor space

All kinds of coating equipment is compact, do not need to dry, easy to operate, easy to achieve production automation, thus greatly saving equipment covers an area, and reduce the working space.

Do not pollute the environment

Coating is a solvent-free or basically solvent-free coating, no VOC volatilization into the atmosphere in the film forming process, does not cause pollution to the environment, easy to meet the environmental protection regulations of the government or legislative bodies.

Improve product performance

Under the action of ultraviolet photon, the cross-linking polymerization between the components of the coating is realized, and the liquid is quickly cured into a film, and has a three-dimensional network structure, so the surface performance of the paint film can be improved, such as hardness, flexibility, wear resistance to scratch, chemical resistance, high gloss, durability and so on.


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