Importance of 4-Benzoylphenyl acrylate (photoinitiator) in UV coatings

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In photocurable products, photoinitiator is one of the key components, which can absorb radiation energy and produce active intermediates (free radicals or cations) with the ability to initiate polymerization through chemical changes.

In the actual production, the use of free radical photoinitiators to generate free radicals, cationic cationic photoinitiators to produce cation is very few.


In the selection of photoinitiator, try to choose the light smell, low toxicity, good thermal stability, not easy to volatile migration. The selected photoinitiator ingredients must comply with local laws and regulations.

In a word, the choice of photoinitiator is not an independent work, is the whole system and even the construction process to cooperate. It is necessary to select an economical and efficient photoinitiator by referring to the performance requirements of light source, other components of the system and photocuring products.

4-Benzoylphenyl acrylate (CAS 22535-49-5) is an important photoinitiator used in UV coating production, as well as an important fine chemical.

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