Is 4-Benzoylphenyl acrylate (CAS 22535-49-5) a highly flammable and explosive chemical?

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The so-called dangerous goods are inflammable, explosive, strongly corrosive, toxic and radioactive articles, such as, gasoline, explosives, strong acid, strong base, benzene, naphthalene, peroxide and so on. It should be handled scientifically and properly during production, transportation, storage and destruction.

4-Benzoylphenyl acrylate (CAS 22535-49-5) is a kind of photoinitiator used in photoresist and supporting chemicals, UV paint, UV ink and many other fields, terminal applications across electronic products, home decoration building materials and medicine and medical treatment.


According to MSDS(Material Safety Report), photoinitiator is not inflammable and explosive chemical agent; It can also be known that photoinitiator is not a dangerous chemical from chemical classification and hazard publicity. Therefore 4-Benzoylphenyl acrylate (CAS 22535-49-5) is not inflammable and explosive chemical agent.

At present, UV ink is a typical industry used in the field of light curing. UV ink has been widely used in the printing industry due to its advantages of fast curing speed, no solvent and no powder spraying during printing. UV coatings are mainly used in bamboo, plastic, that is, in the field of wood coatings, packaging coatings are more widely used in the field of optical fiber coatings and other industrial maintenance and protection coatings are also partially applied. But its domestic market penetration is still less than 1%. In recent years, under the pressure of environmental protection, the demand for UV ink has grown significantly. Between 2012 and 2020, domestic UV ink output rose from 30,900 tons to 83,600 tons. In the future, with the continuous tightening of domestic environmental protection policies and the continuous upgrading of technology and products, UV coating permeability is expected to increase, which is expected to bring at least 30,000 tons of photoinitiator market expansion space to China.