Pharmaceutical intermediates are the main market segments of chemical intermediates

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In terms of market structure, it is estimated that Chinese medicine intermediates account for the largest market size of 45%, pesticide intermediates account for 28%, dye/pigment intermediates account for 3%, and other types of chemical intermediates account for 24%.


In terms of China's chemical intermediates market, according to statistics, China's chemical API market accounts for about 68.3% of the global market. Intermediates are intermediate products in the process of API production and key products in the previous process of API production. Only intermediates can produce API. According to preliminary statistics, the market size of Chemical intermediates in China in 2020 is about 66 billion US dollars.


In terms of the global competitiveness of China's chemical intermediates market, the market size of China's chemical intermediates accounted for 59% of the global market in 2019, among which the market size of pharmaceutical intermediates accounted for 60% of the global market size, and the market size of pesticide intermediates accounted for 82% of the global market size. Dye/pigment intermediates account for 44% of the global market size.


From the perspective of the market prospect of chemical intermediates, intermediates is an important fine chemical products type, in the fine chemical industry is the position of the front end, its main function is to continue to produce fine chemical products, and professional committee of the Chinese chemical industry institute of fine chemical industry pointed out in the development plan to strengthen the cultivation of fine chemical industry in China.


In terms of market, large markets such as agriculture and medicine will still increase the market scale of chemical intermediates, and it is estimated that the market scale of chemical intermediates in China will be about $110.7 billion by 2026.