Application of UV light curing adhesive and UV light curing varnish

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Due to the characteristics of less pollution, fast curing and low energy consumption, the application field of UV adhesive has been greatly expanded in recent years. UV adhesives not only gradually replace traditional coatings in wood coatings, metal decoration and printing industry, but also have been widely used in optical lenses, electronic devices, optical fiber coatings and other precision industries.


UV light curing adhesive

Application: Used for quick bonding of transparent materials such as transparent plastic, glass and metal, plastic, ceramic, rubber and other non-transparent materials; Adhesive curing time can be as fast as 1 second, adhesive strength can be adjusted; Suitable for bonding and packaging of optical discs, electronic devices, optical communication devices, biological products, furniture, etc.

UV light curing soft adhesive

Application: Protection of trademarks, badges, labels, etc.

Features: Liquid glue storage stability, once the ultraviolet radiation quickly solidified, solidified glue transparent, elastic, scratch resistance, indentation and scratch can disappear.

UV marble material coating

Application: Used for marble, artificial stone, ceramic stone and other decoration, bright and special effect, can reduce the energy consumption of stone production, improve production efficiency.副本.jpg

UV light curing silk screen varnish

Application: Can be used for printing partial glazing, also can be full plate glazing, glazing printing surface bright color transparent, with photo effect, wear resistant, no layer, no crimping characteristics, with high-grade packaging surface decoration and protection.

UV plastic glazing oil (can be bronzing)

Application: Mainly used for PE, PP film or sheet surface of stick coating, suitable for toothpaste tube, PE hose and film adhesive surface.