The application and curing principle of UV paint

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Different from PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used by ordinary furniture enterprises, UV paint is really green paint, does not contain any volatile substances. The products produced by UV paint are green, healthy and environmentally friendly.


1.UV paint film is three-dimensional structure, with high hardness, good wear resistance, good transparency, excellent scratch resistance, fine friction resistance, withstand the test of time;

2.Mechanized equipment overcomes the artificial factors in the manual operation, so that the product color difference is smaller and the quality is stable;

3.In the production process, the harmful substances in the plate will be decomposed, and through ultraviolet light curing machine drying treatment, the product is more healthy and environmental protection.


UV paint is a more widely used furniture paint. The main features are: After the light curing treatment of UVLED light source irradiation, the color is stable, long and often new, effectively solve the problem of fading and color difference of the door panel; The door mirror flat effect is better, and the paint film is full without orange peel; It is one of the more environmentally friendly and healthy paint door panels in the world. The hardness of the door plate is 2 times that of the other lacquer door plate. It is resistant to scratching, acid and alkali, and not easy to be deformed.