The application method and application field of UV adhesive

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Due to the characteristics of less pollution, fast curing and low energy consumption, the application field of UV adhesive has been greatly expanded in recent years. UV adhesives not only gradually replace traditional coatings in wood coatings, metal decoration and printing industry, but also have been widely used in optical lenses, electronic devices, optical fiber coatings and other precision industries.


1.Wood coatings

Wood primer and top varnish coating; Filler (to fill the internal and surface gaps of wood); Water-based furniture coating;

2.Plastic coating

Thin film coating and hard coating: metallized plastic low material coating for automobile parts, instruments, optical discs, credit cards, window films and automobile headlights and luminescent parts;

3.Paper coating

Decorative paper, labels, cards, paper, etc. Surface glazing, metallized paper substrate coating;

4.Floor coating

Vinyl felt, vinyl silicon, parquet flooring;

5.Metal coating

Food cans, automobile and equipment decoration, traffic tunnel wall panels;

6.Silicon adit coating

Paper/film: defilm lining, labels, castings;

7.Electronic coating

Conformal coating, packaging compound, photoresist, soft (hard) disk, optical disc, video tape, tape, optical fiber;

8.Printing ink

Lithography (cardboard boxes, flexible packaging, magazines, publications), screen printing (plastic labels, plastic bottles, metal foil, paper and cardboard packaging) and general printing;


Laminated materials (paper or film/wood, film, paper, foil, etc.), common bonding (automotive parts, optical devices), and pressure sensitive adhesives (labels, contact paper/film, etc.);


Heat shrinkable film, electrical insulation material