Shanghai photoinitiator price and the use of photoinitiator?

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1.UV light curing visible light in the range of 400-700nm electromagnetic waves, the light visible to the human eye, the most important component of sunlight.

2.Substances absorb light

·All colored matter is the result of absorption of visible light

·Black: full band absorption of visible light

·White: full band reflection of visible light

·Color: visible light partially absorbed and partially reflected

·Matter: Changes after absorbing different wavelengths of light

3.Absorption of photoinitiator

It absorbs the light with high energy and causes the molecule to undergo an electronic transition, with energy as high as one energy level, and then to a more stable triplet state to initiate polymerization reaction. Generally speaking, when a substance molecule has a large absorption peak in uV-vis spectrum, it can undergo an electronic transition to reach an excited state after absorbing UV-visible light. However, photoinitiator generally has a relatively stable excitation transition state - triplet state, and can be decomposed into free radicals, or easy to grab hydrogen.

4.Visible light initiator

·Absorption of visible light at 400-700nm can generate sufficient stable excited transition state compounds.

·At present, there are two main systems with large absorption range and strong absorption in visible light region: diaryl titanium and arylferrocene.

5.Advantages and disadvantages of visible light curing

·Stable light source and low price; Use more environmental protection, safety and health, no ULTRAVIOLET radiation, no smell oxygen generation

·Red light operation, high photosensitivity


UV curing epoxy cationic curing system, vinyl ether cationic curing system, free radical/cationic mixed curing system.